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How Visual Campaigns Create A Massive Impact

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Visual Campaigns have long been the go-to option for a lot of marketers to increase sales and create brand awareness. And why not? These visual campaigns have proved to be impactful as they force the customers to interact and know about a company’s product or services in a gripping way. Blending your ideas with gripping visual and audio elements can help make your strategies come to life and create an everlasting impact in the mind of the customer. Let’s talk about how visual campaigns create a massive impact both on the customers and a company’s brand value. Without any further ado let’s get started. 

What are Visual Campaigns?

Visual campaign is a type of marketing campaign which uses visual graphics, and can be made either in form of a video or a standalone pitch to communicate a certain idea or proposition to customers. It uses a combination of branded media with a specific art direction that targets one or more common goals. Visual campaigns don’t need to explain concepts in detail. These types of campaigns make use of visuals of all types like infographics, illustrations, motion graphics etc. In a nutshell, visual campaigns are driven by visuals rather than simple texts. 

Now that we know what visual campaigns are, let us now find out how visual campaigns create a massive impact as compared to other marketing campaigns.

How do visual campaigns manage to create a massive impact?

It is a no brainer that visuals, infographics and photos capture your attention much quicker and effectively than text. Humans have the innate ability to process images better than text. 

Our mind has the ability to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This point alone should be enough to indicate the power of using visuals in your marketing campaigns.

Using visual content in your campaigns is a great way to:

  1. Express your brand voice
  2. Showcase your product
  3. Convey an emotion
  4. Stand out from your competitors
  5. Divert traffic to your website

But how can incorporating visuals alone create a massive impact? The points mentioned below will help you answer the above question.

Visual campaigns get huge number of views

It is a no brainer that any content with visual elements will get more views as compared to other forms of content. 

A recent study found out that social media content with visual elements gets 94% higher views than content without images. 

Your audience will easily grasp your content if it contains a right mix of attention-grabbing visuals and text. More people will find your content engaging when you include photos, videos and other types of visuals in your campaigns. 

Visual campaigns make the content more memorable

Using visual elements in your campaign not only attracts new audiences, but it also makes it more memorable. Including pictures can help make your content more interesting as humans process visuals better than text, this is a point we already discussed earlier. The important thing to keep in mind while using images is that you should not select generic and bland images. Your images should be hard hitting and impactful.

Visual campaigns help in data visualization

Visual campaigns are a great way of communicating your point if your content has a lot of data and statistics involved in it. You can capture all your data and statistics in a fun and colourful way and present it to your target audience. Doing so will help your topic become more approachable. You can make use of simple graphs or charts to highlight important data points which can help your topic look interesting.

Growing popularity of videos

In the recent past, videos have become very popular over the internet. Especially in social media platforms video content is getting more and more engagement as compared to photos. A lot of customers will prefer watching a video showing the various qualities and features of a product rather than reading its description in the form of text. Incorporating visual content showing practical demonstration of the products will definitely help in getting more views and ultimately increase the sales. However, creating interactive and appealing product description videos can be quite difficult if you do not have enough experience in this field. Hence it is always advisable to get professional help if you want your content to stand out from others. 

Visual campaigns help in making relatable content

In today’s world, customers are more likely to buy services from a company which they find trustworthy and reliable. This trustworthiness is gained by making relatable and reliable content which customers really like and can connect with them on an emotional level. Using relatable visual content can help your customers develop a positive emotion towards your brand. You can then leverage this positive emotion in driving sales and revenue for your company. 


The key to successfully executing visual campaigns drills down to striking a right balance between appealing to senses and appealing to emotions. There are a ton of examples from history which indicate that using a balanced approach while designing your visual campaigns can prove to be game changing. Time relevance is also a factor which determines the success of your campaign. Concepts which were relevant about a year back might not be valid in the present time. In the end it all drills down to your target audience and it is essential for you to understand the needs of your ideal customer before you go ahead and launch your visual campaign. 


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