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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Nimmio

What is the format for the Presentation slides that are delivered as downloadable files?
The presentation slides are delivered as a standard PPTX file in 16:9 format.
Are all the files editable using standard PowerPoint tool?
Yes. Every element of our graphics is fully editable using Microsoft PowerPoint software. No gimmicks at all.
Are there any download limits for each user?
No, there are no download limits. You may download as many slides as you need.
How often do you update your library?
There are new slides being added every day. We are targeting to add 500 new slides every month to our ever-growing library.
Can I resell or distribute your content?
No, you are not allowed to resell or distribute our content/ graphics in any shape or form. However, you can use our presentation slides and graphics to create your internal or external presentations or deliver design services as part of a project for a client, provided the final end use of the product or service does not involve selling or distribution of presentation slides or graphics in any manner whatsoever. For example, if you created a presentation or a pitch deck using our assets and resources available as slides or graphics, then you may sell your final output as a service provided the resulting output is used by the end-user. If you have any doubt or concern about the usage policy, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be glad to provide all the necessary information for you to be sure there is no infringement or copyright violations.
I’m a consultant or a designer, may I use your content for a project for a client?
Yes. You may use our content for your client’s project, or any work you are hired to create for a client as per the usage policy described above.
Does Nimmio provide any customer support?
Yes, we are available for any support you need. You may reach us at: for any queries. We generally respond within 24 hours..

Your Downloads

Does the download include a Keynote file also or it’s just PowerPoint format?
No, at this point in time, what you get is a PPTX file format. But hey just a quick tip: You can easily open a PPTX file in Keynote software and save it in keynote (.key) format.
Can I import your slides into Google Slides?
Yes, google slides allows you to import PPTX file format which is a standard Microsoft PowerPoint file format.
My email address has changed; can I modify my account email address?
No, the system doesn’t allow the user to change his/ her email address, however you are more than welcome to create a fresh account for your new email address. Please note that you will not be able to access any of your previous downloads with the new mail account, for which you will have to access your old account with the associated email address.

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