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Create a pitch deck on a budget and in no time 

Create a pitch deck on a budget and in no time

A good pitch deck can do wonders. With it, you can hold your audience’s attention for just the right amount of time till they’re done hearing exactly what your product does and why it’s such a good investment. But what if you’re very short on time and have to present in front of a room full of investors who have seen a bunch of pitch decks all day long?

We’ve all been in that situation where you get a call one day in advance to present a pitch deck. You’re short on time and don’t even have the budget to send your content to a PowerPoint presentation design agency. However, instead of going with a defeated attitude, look at it this way-

Getting an early investment in your current company defines the fine line between failing and surviving, especially if you’re a startup. A top reason why so many startups fail is that they run out of money. To make sure you don’t fall out due to budgetary constraints, making that amazing pitch deck is supremely important. Let’s break it down.

 It doesn’t matter how hard-pressed for time you are. You can still create a great pitch deck on a budget.

Easy tools are your best friend 

There are a number of ways to create your pitch deck presentation and the best way to go about is by using applications you’re familiar with. Use Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Google Slides to design solid presentations. Another great way to make your deck a drag and drop miracle is by using Nimmio, an online platform for pre-designed presentation slides which comes with a range of templates that you can customize with ease. Another great thing about Nimmio is its pay as you go plan. With it, you can make a one time purchase with only your cart’s value and purchase slides individually or you can even take a subscription where you get 50 slides for $29 and unlimited downloads for the whole year at just $99.

The best part? When your perfectly selected pitch deck is downloaded, you get to use it as an editable presentation on PowerPoint, eradicating the need for any gimmicky PPT software. 

Use Graphics 

Every presentation must have a visual style. Use a definite layout for every slide, some graphic elements, and minimal text. With the help of predesigned templates, you are now free to create professional-looking decks without any design skills. There are a number of styles for you to choose from. Just scroll along by entering your specific keywords to find out a style that you can make cohesive as you add graphical elements. Adding graphics to your slide is equivalent to the phrase- “A picture speaks a thousand words.” If you’re on a time constraint, add relevant visuals to represent what you want to say through words. Always choose a professional and minimal template for a pitch deck so as to not distract your audience with any unnecessary fluff. At the moment it might not seem important, but a professional-looking deck really helps to gain the investor’s trust.  

The overview 

Your overview should be impactful. With time constraints you can still produce a high-level overview of the product/ service. Get rid of additional text, keep it in your notes if you really need it to go with your presentation. The best part is that most presenters want pitch decks to get wrapped up early. With little time on your hands, just focus on saying one impactful statement for your overview slide. 

With crisp, impactful, and hard-hitting text, you get your investors hooked from the start.

Write out your problems 

The next slide in your deck should talk about why your product/ service was created in the first place. Why does it exist? Who are the kind of people you’re aiming this product at? Who is it helping? Consider these questions in detail instead of rushing down to make the problem slide with the first answers that come to your mind.

It’s crucial that you explain these well to your investors so that they understand what your product is worth in the market scheme of things. Even when you’re pressed for time it is important to ask the above-mentioned questions so that you can self reflect and present with confidence because deep down you know that your business is potentially a very effective one.  For example, if you have a software, list out its key features and the USP that sets it apart in terms of user data. Always explain the nitty-gritty details.

Use pre-designed slides

It’s good to write out statements on your slide but it’s even better to throw in a pre-made slide if available. Nimmio offers you an ever-growing library of editable presentation slides where each element can be individually edited. You can look for your choice of the slide by searching for the topic in the search bar and all your results will come filtered out according to your specifications.

Whether you want a cover slide, agenda slide, section breaker slide, financial slide, pie chart, or a slide that showcases graphical assets, core values, client testimonials, or your team. You name it and Nimmio has you covered. Whether you want to display your financial planning to your investors, showcase your location on a world map, or display a timeline of your growth. Whatever it may be, all you need to do is throw in a keyword and you’ll have a range of choices laid out in front of you. Once you purchase all the slides in your deck, all you need is PowerPoint to edit elements and customize it to deliver a solid presentation. If you’re afraid of all things new, don’t worry. Nimmio gives free slides as well so you can try for yourself and see how it suits you without any commitments. 

Pre-designed slides give you a powerful yet easy way to communicate exactly how something works, especially if you’re demonstrating complex technology. If you had to do it all by yourself, not only would it look amateur, it would also not get the point across. Over time, researchers have found out that 1 in 4 customers lose interest in a business organization if they don’t create an impact from the very start. So go on, start looking for the slides you want on your next pitch deck. 

Give a good share of your time to the business model slide 

You shouldn’t have favourites when it comes to slides in a pitch deck but when you’re pressed for time and money there are things you should be focusing more on so you get the best results. For a pitch deck, it’s the business model slide. You need to concisely and clearly explain exactly how your product/ service is going to make money. Investors need a viable business model that they can bet on and your words will shape their perspective even if you haven’t started making a profit just yet.

To put it clearly, this slide tells your investors whether investing in you is a great choice or simply pointless. A time-saving way to make an impactful business model slide is to ditch the charts completely. Use words instead of an Excel spreadsheet chart that will take hours to make and nobody in the room would want to squint and read. At the end of the day, with this slide, it doesn’t matter what the model looks like it just needs to show that your business is heading towards profitability with a plan of action. 

Tell a story. Engage with your audience

The most important aspect of any pitch deck presentation is to keep it visually engaging and simple. The pressure of the last minute presentation is nerve-wracking but the good part is that you’re probably familiar with your business numbers. Now, to get your investors interested, you need to come across as a human being who is enthusiastic about this project.

Your passion combined with your personality can win your audience and close important deals

At the end of the day, all you need is a clean and minimalistic pitch deck with clear cut details, strong storytelling and a well-explained way to show investors how they can make money from you.


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