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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Marketing Professional PowerPoint Presentation from Scratch

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“At its very core, marketing is storytelling.” -Melinda Partin

Marketing is storytelling, and a marketing presentation is no less than a performance. You work on your material, you rehearse, you put on a show. If you don’t keep it snappy and engaging, your audience is bound to lose interest. As a marketing professional, delivering a good presentation is a skill you must hone. You might be pitching a new and improved marketing plan to your company or speaking at a marketing conference. You might even be looking to make a mark at a networking event. Whatever the situation, you will have to follow a systematic plan, and a professional PowerPoint presentation will give you the blueprint you need to cover all important grounds.

For an up-and-coming marketing professional or someone who is keen to learn the ropes, this guide will give a step-by-step walkthrough. A professional PowerPoint Presentation on a shoestring budget is possible with free graphic design and presentation design platforms like Nimmio. Free presentation templates can work wonders as a part of your content marketing strategy and can be customized to deliver a high visual impact business presentation without having to hire a professional designer. To make a lasting impression with your marketing plan, these are the PowerPoint slides you will definitely need in your presentation-

Start with an executive summary of your marketing plan 

You should always start with the most important part of any business presentation, that is, explaining the function of your business and purpose of your marketing plan. This presentation slide will talk about key highlights, the mission and vision of your company. This is also where you provide an overview which will give people a brief idea of what is to come. Keep it crisp, create a hook and tell people- This is what I’m here for and this is what you will be seeing next. Intent is the key word here and if you hold your audience’s attention for these first few minutes, you’ll be ready to launch full force.

Explain your Business Marketing Strategy in detail 

Next, you talk about the what and the how of your marketing plan. Each kind of marketing strategy has a different end goal- you could be focusing on your current customers with a marketing penetration strategy or selling current products in new markets with a development strategy. You could be looking to develop new products or trying out creation of a new business with a diversification strategy. Whatever the case might be, each game plan leads to one common thread -reaching out to consumers and converting them into loyal customers. You can use facts and figures to support your claims and add infographics to your presentation slides to introduce the element of visual storytelling. 

A quick checklist can help you narrow down your presentation requirements:

– If you’re dealing specifically with product marketing, the 4Ps (Product, promotion, price and place) come in handy. 

– Include USP or unique selling proposition to focus on who you serve, the benefits you provide and why you are the best company to provide said benefits. 

– Outline your sales funnel using infographic presentation and track the steps your potential customer has to take to purchase your product. The funnel would move from awareness to interest, then to decision making, which would lead to action.

A successful marketing plan needs a SWOT analysis

If you want to understand the position your company occupies in your industry, a SWOT analysis is a must. This brainstorming technique gives the opportunity to understand what your competitors have and what distinguishes you from the rest in the industry. SWOT analysis moves from internal resources namely Strengths and Weaknesses, to external forces including Opportunities and Threats. Financial and human resources, operational efficiencies, assets, markets policies and trends, competitive challenges etc. are analysed keeping the company’s position in mind. These pointers can be organized in the form of an infographic to give a crucial information at a glance. Many people go a step further and conduct another external analysis- the PEST analysis. It looks at four external factors- Political, economic, social, technological– and gives broader scale answers for long term plans. 

Think about target audience and customers 

It is crucial to direct products and services to people who share certain characteristics so as to channel resources wisely. Geography, demographics, lifestyle and purchasing patterns help segment people who would be willing to take interest in your service and eventually purchase it. You should have a clear idea of who you’re trying to sell to and creating buyer personas helps in this regard. Buyer personas are fictional representations based on demographics, online behaviour, interests, personal motivations etc. These user types can be extremely useful to you and your team as they’ll help you acquire and understand your customer and tailor services to fit their needs.

Budget and Goals

An infographic presentation shows accountability when you promise to deliver tangible results. Once you recognize the phase your business is in, you can budget and set goals. Determine the kind of money your company needs to shell out for marketing and show how the quoted numbers will have a profitable financial projection. As a general business rule, it’s wise to estimate what your efforts in marketing will amount to. 

Business goals might range anywhere from increasing product awareness to increasing sales and reaching a new consumer market. You can present these goals with the SMART technique- jot down Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound goals to measure the success of your business plan. This way, your presentation will provide well rounded estimations.

A marketing plan translates your company’s goals into specific targets. With a professional PowerPoint presentation, you can be as organized and specific as you want and bring your own additions to the table too.


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