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Brand Building through Social Media


For the brand to get worldwide recognition, new age media is the most innovative, fastest, and cheapest mode of disseminating information. And why shouldn’t it be? It provides excellent leverage by letting the business connect with the public directly instead of allowing an intermediary to do it for them. Moreover, it enables the brand to speak more than just words.

As Rebekah Radice said that, “Visual marketing does not just sell the product or service-it sells an experience around your business,”

 That is why social media has gained a lot of power for branding than the traditional form of media. Undoubtedly, earlier people used to tap traditional forms of media like newspapers, television, and magazines, but they were incapable of providing detailed information or handling the queries. There are still people out there who deny the very own existence of social media for branding due to their inability to adjust or welcome it and that is why many companies are either failing or have failed. Learning from the other companies who are facing downfall for not being on social media, many emerging companies are striving continuously to plan, strategize and thrive on social media to build a slight edge over other companies. 

The techniques for branding

As the world is getting more digitized, so are the techniques for branding. Whether it is branding yourself or branding a product or service, everyone prefers advanced media. As young as an 8-year-old kid to a person in their 80s, everyone is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to either showcase their talents like singing, dancing, painting, or watching others do the same. From an ordinary person to recognized faces, everyone is using social media these days to expose their skills or brand themselves to get recognized by other companies or organizations in order to get more work. What could be better than the great business tycoon Gary Vaynerchuck’s example who slowly built his family business known as “Empathy Wines, which was under debt to earn in millions now by just using the power of social media. Moreover, by just strategically using this tool for branding, he has become one of the leading business tycoons worldwide and is also helping other companies to achieve the same. 

How can an ordinary person use social media optimally?

You must be saying this- Ok, we agree that Social media is a powerful branding tool, but it’s easier said than done. How do we capture the attention of millions of people when there are already many companies established on social media? What are the techniques that can push us in the limelight and allow us to become the centre of attraction? Let’s look at the step-by-step process of the most successful yet straightforward points that would help you brand your services or products on social media.

  1. Plan before executing – Before starting on social media, it is better to make a plan and evaluate everything to make your company stick to successive gains for a lifetime. Having and remembering your ‘why’ would allow you to fuel your purpose every day without slacking off from your path. Start noting down the answers to the following questions.
  • What is my brand about? And what is its purpose?
  • Based on my brand, who is my target audience? And why? 
  • Which methods do I need to follow to let the audience know about my brand?
  • Which communication mode on social media would best describe my product? design, photos or audio( podcasts) ?
  •  Which platforms are more likely to help me with branding?

2) Becoming creative– More the innovative your creation is, the more likely it is that your content will capture the heart of the audience. Telling your brand story is one thing but posting it with the use of creative graphics is another thing. The story of every brand or company is different and displaying it with the use of innovative graphic designs is like a cherry on top. Here are some tips to do that.

  1. a) Choose your colour and a font style that speaks about your brand. It can be bold and bright or minimalistic. Always keep in mind to use a colour contrast which makes your text visible. 
  2. b) Use creative illustrations and icons to display your content, as it will make it easier for your audience to understand things.
  3. c) Use creative typography for your logo and other text.

3) Be Consistent 

” It is said that consistency is what transforms average into excellence,” and that is what social media is all about. To make your brand stand out, you need to decide how consistently you are going to be posting on social media. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, or daily, the key is to be consistent with it. Consistency keeps the brand in the limelight and helps it get more traffic, constant engagement, and followers. Keep in mind, the content should not be boring or repetitive. Think from the point of view of your customers. What would they like? Engaging content is the key to get noticed. 

4) Research about your platform- 

Each platform is different, which is why the same type of content works does not work for all platforms. Do your research on all the platforms and looking for the ones which serve to your best interest is the best possible way to display your content.

5) Keep everything simple but unique 

Don’t try to get over the top with everything. Try and keep on customizing your work to see what works best. If you are just starting on social media and have trouble getting to know everything in detail, don’t worry. Just think of minimalistic but unique concepts to set the ball rolling. 

So now that you have read and learned all the ways and techniques of social media branding, you are ready to make the best use of new-age media and get on be at the top of your game. So go out and make the most of it. Good luck!


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